Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Be Fierce

Have you ever thought to yourself “gee I’m wearing a mini skirt and wobbling down the street in 3 inch stilettos. I bet I’m like perfect mugger/rapist bait.” Well, apparently the folks over at Self Defense Stilettos had the same thought. Or they are just produce some sort of weird fetish video, it’s too soon to tell.

All in all its an interesting concept. Teaching woman how to defend themselves in a real-life situation. Let’s face it, if you take a self defense class you are totally unprepared for a real world environment. When I took a self defense class I was wearing sweatpants and sneakers. I wasn’t rocking 4-inch wedges (my signature), carrying my heavy ass Marc Jacobs bag and wearing tight jeans. Granted, most of what I’ve learned in that self-defense class has fled my mind however, I like to believe at the right moment it will all come flooding back to me.

Anywho. So what I was saying is that this is an excellent concept. Self defense classes should be taught more realistically. After all what good is preparation if you can’t beat the hell out of a mugger and/or rapist while wearing your day to day attire.

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