Friday, May 23, 2008

Seriously? No One Wants Some Pie?

What has been the accepted norm is that girls under size 6 get the choicest pieces of apparel while the rest of us flounder. People who make clothes need to accept that women come in all shapes and sizes and heavy women don’t want to disappear they want to dress well just like anyone else. What’s worse is that the clothes they make in larger sizes are just an expanded version of a size zero sample – bastards. They never have consideration for body shape they basically give a size 12 a giant size 0 and gals wonder why clothes look so bad on.

I think what they do is deplorable. Models should eat and all be at least a size 8. I think if designers had any talent they would love to dress curves. It’s easy to make something look good on a hanger but on a real woman THAT is a sign of a real gift. It’s just a big joke. In this country of abundance people starve themselves, why? In other countries people would kill for the availability of food we have. We really only accept one standard of beauty because it has been shoved down our throats. If all of sudden designers started making larger sizes proportioned right and began using models that looked like real woman we would all change our mind about what is beautiful. Fashion and style are not unobtainable anymore. Practically every woman can look fashionable and sophisticated without a high price tag. This idea that fashion is not for the masses is antiquated and frankly stupid.

Hot designers now design for Target for God’s sake. That’s high fashion for everyone. It’s time we saw all of that reflected. I’m personally starving for real women. I want to hear magazines tout the latest celebrity fad, eating real food and not dieting! Headline reads “Paris Hilton Gained 20lbs…That’s HOT. Read How She Did It Inside!” or how about “Cupcakes! The New Fad Sweeping Hollywood!”. How awesome would that be?

We are a nation obsessed with eating disorders. We are obsessed with overeaters, under eaters, those losing weight, those gaining weight. Jesus, whatever happened to just loving yourself and occasionally having a piece of cake and feeling okay with it?

No one here wants to change you or modify you or force you to fit into some neat little niche. Look if you don’t like something but Glinda says it’s great for you that’s fine its totally okay. You are allowed to make decisions and choices here. This is a place where we can full suspend reality for a little while and pretend that real women drive the retail world (oh wait that’s real isn’t it) that most of the time when you walk into a store you are hard pressed to find a size over 8 (oh wait that’s real too) and that plus size stores are popping up all over and that most major retailers are adding plus sized clothes to their stores too (oh wait that’s real too). Its time that we all had a voice and decided that we have had enough with what everyone expects of us or thinks of us. Its important that we stand up and say I shop, I am not a size 0 and I deserve to be counted. And seriously, who wants pie? Its bakery fresh. That’s what I thought.

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