Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pants Fit Clinic

One clothing item that seems to stress women out more than most are pants; there are so many fits, styles and cuts that it can make your head spin. I have compiled a handy-dandy how to that should assist any women struggling with the right fit. Please note that this pants clinic also applies to purchasing jeans.

Strategies for buying pants for any body style

- You need to fit the widest part of your body. Your pants should never pull in the front or around the thighs. If there is pulling going up one size chances are that you will lose all pulling. If the waist or legs or whatever is too big but it fits the largest part of your body get them and get them tailored.

- Look for pants with stretch this will help the fabric contract and expand with the curves of your body.

-Look for pants that are cut for your shape. Many stores are now making pants for straight bodies, average bodies and curvy bodies. This definitely helps you get the correct fit and hug all the right curves.

-Unless you are thirteen no embellishments. I will give you one caveat if you are buying a dressier pair of jeans you could be okay if there is a little bling on the back pockets.

-No pleats go for flat front styles only. The old standard was that pleats made you look thinner but all they do is place extra fabric around your tummy – do you really want that?

- Look for the right rise for your body. Too low you may end up with the dreaded muffin top and too high you may end up with that great “mom jean” look. A medium rise will flatter most bodies.

- Heels always will make your pants look more flattering. They will boost up your rear and make the lines look better.

- When you try on pants sit, squat, and bend over. See how the pants really will fit as your body moves.

- All cuts of pants can work on all body types. Skinny pants can balance your proportions especially if you are wearing a more blousy top. Stovepipe legs can make your legs look leaner if they come in close at the thigh and fall down flat. However a tapered pant will often fit largely at the top and get very narrow towards the bottom and is rarely flattering on anyone.

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