Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News That Rocks

Just to show how much power purchasers do in fact have I wanted to let you guys know about this little tidbit:

“TOO SKINNY FOR MY CATALOGUE: Simons department store has pulled its back-to-school catalogue from seven stores in Quebec after complaints the models in the book were too thin. The family owned company, which dates back to the 1840s, received more than 200 complaints from consumers denouncing the rail-thin models wearing the Simons Twik brand. The 36-page catalogue with a print run of over 450,000 copies produced in-house, was also inserted in English and French newspapers last week. Company president Peter Simons, speaking in front of his flagship store in Quebec City, explained he was on vacation and didn’t see the catalogue until complaints began to roll in. He said the images were “unsuitable” and don’t match his company’s values.” From www.wwd.com

This to me is absolutely amazing. Only 200 complaints got the catalog pulled. Maybe the fashion industry will start to listen and actually hear what consumers are saying. This gives me great hope for the “Show Our Beauty” campaign.

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