Monday, October 13, 2008

Things That Will Make Me Go Blind

Apparently the lovely makeup developers at Lancome have never actually applied mascara. If my lovely readers are anything like me, applying mascara often involves stabbing yourself in and around the eye. Now, I’m not completely spastic. It’s not like every time I apply mascara I jam the wand into my eye. But, you know when its early in the morning and the caffeine levels have yet to spike the odds of me injuring my cornea greatly increase.

Well Lancome has gotten rid of that pesky I-only-stabbed-myself-in-the-eye-due-to-low-levels-of-caffeine. Now you can include reasons such as my-mascara-wand-is-vibrating-and-shaking-my-hand-and-I-feel-like-I-have-Parkinsons.

The new Lancome Oscillation mascara vibrates 7,000 times a minute. For a comparision your standard electric toothbrush does 9,000 oscillations a minute. Yeah let that sink in. Would you use your electric toothbrush to apply mascara? No you say? That sounds dangerous you say?


If you are interested in purchasing this cosmetics anomaly you can check it out here

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