Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everyone IS Beautiful

I am a firm believer that EVERY woman can look beautiful. I feel so sad for the women I see who don't even try, because they think it is a lost cause. IT'S NOT! It's all about the right hair, make-up, clothes, and attitude. Mostly, it is about attitude. If you act confident, it adds to your beauty. Every woman has things about her body that she hates or feels is bad. Think of a woman that you think has it going on, chances are that woman feels bad about something and is constantly trying to de-emphasize some part of her body.

It may seem like I have it all together to anyone who knows me or maybe that’s what every one of you believes. But I can tell you that I am self conscious of my stomach. No matter how thin I get I always feel that my stomach is too wide and that my waist is not narrow enough. A few years ago I decided that I was going to let go of that insecurity because there are so many other things to worry about than my waist. I decided to make peace with my body and say “hey this is how it is not much I can do outside of surgery to change it” and I have to tell you that it was the most freeing moment of my life. You have to change the way that you think and that can only come from the inside.

It is so imperative to focus on the strengths of your figure. Don’t say “nothing is good” because that’s crazy every woman has at least one part of her body that she loves. Fixate on that thing you love. If you really feel that nothing is good ask friends what they think is great about your figure. I am sure you will be shocked to hear what they have to say. I used to hate my wide shoulders until a friend told me that she felt that my broad shoulders gave me a presence and she felt that the presence made me seem taller. I was so surprised. In an instant my shoulders went from a liability to an asset. I now feel proud of them. Same thing goes for my arms I used to think I had horrible, huge arms and again I had a friend tell me that she thought I had great arms and that she wished her arms looked like mine. Again totally shocked. Here were two things that I really didn’t like and wished I could change and here are two people who I trusted telling me that they were envious!

It sounds very silly but when you accentuate the positive you really do eliminate the negative. The bad stuff doesn’t seem so bad and the good stuff starts to seem great. The first step to feeling great is to feel comfortable in your skin and confident with who you are. Think about how great it would be to pass a mirror and not pass judgment on yourself. That’s what I want you to do every time you pass a mirror say “I look great!” pretty soon it will become an ingrained habit and every time you look in a mirror you will instantly think “I look great!”

I think that women must create their own standard of beauty as it is applicable to THEM. You have to say that YOU are the only standard for yourself no one else. You wouldn’t let someone else shape or mold your opinions, values or morals, right? Why is how you feel about yourself any different? Who gets to dictate how much you love yourself or how good you feel about your body? Are you going to let a fashion magazine, a television show or someone else tell you how to feel? You have to decide that you are the only who gets to decide how you feel. You own your feelings in every other aspect of your life so why not about your appearance and body? You must change your perception and decide that enough is enough and that you are going to love yourself regardless of the scale, dress size or what anyone else thinks.

Every woman is beautiful and every woman can be as beautiful as she wants. It’s a matter of adjusting the outside to match the inside. When we take time to care for ourselves and focus on ourselves, even if its just for 15 minutes in the morning when you do your hair and makeup, we feel better about ourselves. Its imperative for women to nurture themselves and give themselves love. So often women give and give and give but never give to themselves. You are the most important thing in your life and I want you to remember that always. I want you to feel beautiful and I want you to feel good every day.

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