Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stop! Back Away From the Disney

There are a few things that occasionally confound me and make smoke pour from my ears. One of those things is the way that some heavy women dress. I know the choices are limited and it can be difficult to dress well, cute and fashionable from the stores that are available to you. I fully sympathize. I think we all know my feelings when it comes to designers.

I’m not talking about those of you who try and try hard. I’m not talking about the women who suffer on a constant basis trying to look cute and stylin. What I’m referring to is Disney.

What is this all about? WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? Why is it that every time I’m at the mall, work, the grocery store, wherever and I see a heavy woman she is rockin some Disney apparel. I don’t see why that would be the choice. Like I said I get that fashion choices are limited and that it sucks but, how do you go from “hey there is nothing in this store that I think is cute so I think I’ll just stroll over to the local…uhhh where the hell is this crap sold?.....where ever this crap is sold…….and purchase an insane amount of Disney apparel. Just pile it on. The more the better. Give me some tshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and jean jackets. Oh Lord the jean jackets.

What’s worse is that the items in question are often several sizes too large for the woman wearing them. Look, I get it. We live in a society that treats heavy woman like they are invisible so it may seem like “why bother no one is going to give me a second glance anyway” but, the truth is that the more you debase yourself in ridiculous clothing the more attention you are pouring on yourself. Every woman deserves to look great regardless of size. I am the first one to say that heavier women get the major shaft in the fashion department but the truth is that there is no reason to give up. Sure the local mall may disappoint but there are SO many places online that specialize in plus-size apparel that is boutique-like, fashion forward and gorgeous.

It seems to me that all women, regardless of size, don’t want to put the work in. I’m here to tell you it is so worth it. When you start to make an investment in yourself and take that time to focus on you it is incredible what happens. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. I doubt that wearing ridiculous clothing in a huge size makes anyone feel good. It is not supportive of who you are. I doubt you want the world to look at you like you are a sloppy person. Size does not dictate worth. You are still a valid and fabulous person regardless of what the scale says

You also have a figure! Oh for goodness sake some heavy women have the most incredible hourglass figures on the planet and they hide. It’s important to embrace who you are and feel positive about your body. The first important step for anyone is to see that your body is yours and that it’s up to you to decide that it is good. Start by focusing on the positive, find something you really love about your body and every time you look in the mirror say “Man I have a kick ass ______”. Everyone has things they don’t like about their body and everyone has insecurities but it’s the decision to learn how to work with your body that makes a difference.

Hiding under tents and yards of material just makes you look bigger and worse. Women often believe that if they wear a big sack that they will look smaller in comparison to the clothing item. What they don’t realize is that the eye will see that your body fills out the fabric even if it doesn’t. Heavier woman should never be afraid to wear fitted items. This does not mean skin tight and cutting off circulation and exposing every aspect of your body. It means wearing something that skims the body and shows your shape. Wearing sweat pants and oversized shirts are not an option anymore. Wearing your huge Tigger sweatshirt is also no longer an option.

Can we all sit down here and make a decision that Disney wear is only for children and has no place on a grown woman? Can we all agree that looking your best and making the most of your shape is worth the time and effort and that finding the right clothes is worth the effort? PLEASE. I am begging on my knees. I would rather see a woman in an actual sack than huge Disney attire.

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