Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glinda Met Mary Kay

Cleary not the actual Mary Kay, but a beautiful, wonderful and extremely talented Mary Kay rep.

Yes, Glinda experienced a Mary Kay makeover.

I have to say that I was extremely impressed. A few years ago a girlfriend of mine sold Mary Kay and all of us were invited to her home for a Mary Kay party. She had her mentor run the party since it was her first one. There was a heavy pressure in the air to purchase and become a Mary Kay rep. To say I was extremely turned off is an understatement. I wasn’t impressed with the approach and I wasn’t impressed with the rep. She was all about flaunting the lifestyle that Mary Kay allowed her to live.

My experience the other day was dramatically different.

The makeover was fun and it was really informative. I already know a lot about makeup and skincare but I was shown how beneficial a Mary Kay consultation could be to someone who may be struggling with makeup. It was all about teaching you the right way to care for your skin and the right way to apply makeup. Sure, tons of fashion magazines try to teach you how to care for your skin or how to apply makeup but its different when you have someone sitting with you and showing you the steps. It was a great opportunity to sit down with someone who is basically a makeup artist.

If anyone out there is struggling with applying makeup I highly recommend you take advantage of Mary Kay’s free consultation. You will walk away with a wealth of information and a personalized look.

Mary Kay has certainly kept up with the times. They, like most cosmetic brands, are up on the latest trends in makeup. Believe it or not but you can get high quality mineral makeup from Mary Kay. All of you devoted mineral makeup wearers out there should definitely take notice. I would say that Mary Kay is giving department store and prestige cosmetic lines a run for their money.

As the motto goes “everyone does deserve a little pampering once in a while!”

If you are interested in learning more about what’s new at Mary Kay or scheduling a consultation with a rep, contact my fabulous rep Stacy Nally-Aguilar at snally@marykay.com

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Alisa Miller said...

Hey Glinda! I stumbled upon your blog by accident while searching for Stacy Nally-Aguilar's website! I'm happy and impressed to see your positive shout out to her and Mary Kay!! Especially because I just decided to become a consultant myself under Stacy's wing. Stacy's genuine love of people makes her the perfect consultant together with her approach, knowledge of the Mary Kay products, and makeup application. I'm so excited about working with Stacy and felt an instant connection with her the day I met her this past Saturday during a free makeup makeover. I'm a very busy girl already, but Stacy's laid back calm and accepting attitude won me over....I've got so very much to learn from her!! Yay!!
Thanks for your Blog!
Alisa Miller

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