Friday, August 22, 2008

Show Our beauty: A Challenge to Women's Magazine

The most amazing thing is out on the interwebs. I guess you could call it a petition. Basically the purpose of this campaign is to push one women's magazine to publish at least one issue without re-touching.

Magazines exist outside of reality, they reside in hyper-reality. It's slick, its glossy and its 100% not real. Women of all ages get sucked into the perfect images and photoshopped figures of those features in the magazines. The idea behind the campaign is to "fight the bad body image hysteria that is sweeping the country."

Will it work? Who knows. Do I think its worthwhile to spend 5 seconds and sign? Yes.

Sign the Petition here

Also if you have a moment take a look at this website that devotes itself to showing photoshopped images vs. the real images


Clare said...

Glinda! Thanks for putting this up! I read your comment on my BlogHer post yesterday, sorry I have not responded yet. The amount of response I have received for this campaign has been huge and inspiring!

I love that women (and the men that love them!) are banding together for just one show of real beauty in the media.

Again thanks for your support!

Mick said...

Hi Glinda!

Great blog! I love your writing style! :)

Thanks for the link BTW!

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